Our Mission

Our goal must be to create a football club that makes the Rowville Football Club the obvious choice for any player and their family wanting to play our great game from senior’s right through to and include minors through to the Auskick program within our local community and indeed beyond. All planning, and effort must always have this thought in mind with our decisions consistent in achieving the same. Our football program must ensure we cater, grow and develop players across all spectrums of gender and ability. Skill set (particularly throughout our junior program) should be measured by opportunity and community involvement.

As a club we must always be prepared to lift the bar on everything we do, be prepared to always search from better ways to do things to achieve our objectives. Invest in our people, build and develop long term relationships with key organisations to be across the very best practises at all times.

This should include organisations within and external of the Eastern Football League.

Our goals for the Rowville Football Club should fall into two broad categories – CLUB & TEAM.

As a club, we need to create a vision that the Rowville Football Club is recognised as a model football club with a development program that all junior clubs in the region want to be associated with. It should be developed with all aspirations being to ultimately represent the Rowville Football Club at Division 1 senior level. To achieve this, we must have a series of mission statements, which essentially state we intend to provide the highest standard of coaching and development for all players.

We must also provide the highest standard of support to players and staff in terms of leadership, guidance and support. As coaches and staff, we will bring to this club an exceptional amount of knowledge and a vast amount of experience. We must at all times, be ‘prepared to learn’ from each other and draw on each other’s strengths, everyone must be included and everyone must feel import.

Walk and talk as a team with no passengers, no divisions, everybody equal.


One Club - One Goal

Our priority is to create an impression on the players and their families, one of a feeling of change for the better; we must focus on our own personal appearance, our actions and our positive attitude.

Our plans, behaviours and communication must exceed the very best in the region and indeed beyond. We must pride our performance on these traits at all times, they must be non-negotiable. We are focused on the positive handling and support of people through the promotion of self-confidence and self esteem. It is important to ‘be positive, or be quiet’ and to catch them ‘doing something right’.

As TEAM players our players at all levels will be well trained to play a strong, team oriented style of play. A tremendous amount of team spirit will evolve within the club. The players must be excited about what we want to achieve as a TEAM and as a CLUB.

At the cutting edge of our playing performances, our aims and goals should be set on growth and development right throughout our junior program. Winning at junior level must come secondary to growth, development and cultural excellence.

With the long term strategy to build a long term successful program around winning games at the senior level, playing finals with an ultimate reward of a senior grade Division 1 premiership.

All built from within.

This makes us both sustainable and financially responsible long term.

This program will embrace local community, including schools, businesses and other sporting organisations. We must be seen as the leading sporting organisation in our region BUT we must be seen as a club with a program we can and will share with others within our region to benefit from.

Best Practises – Best Culture – Community based.

We have a huge challenge ahead of us and we have been given the opportunity to be part of the answer to that challenge.

Let us together, believe in each other, challenge each other, focus on our task and enjoy the experience.


To provide the highest standard of coaching for all players, to develop them to their maximum ability. 

  1. Plan, Coordinate and implement suitable training programs, team meetings, schedules and venues.
  2. Teach proper technique of the skills and a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of the game.
  3. Provide ongoing staff development programs to ensure they are well trained, well qualified and the best available.
  4. Practise the skills and develop them under pressure conditions.
  5. Teach the players about the many intangibles of the game, eg. Preparation, concentration, courage, persistence etc.
  6. Develop and appropriate game plan for relevant age groups and a comprehensive understanding of the many game situations.
  7. Establish a set of club rules and disciplines for observance on and off the field. This sets the standard of our entire football program and commences the education on expectations of behaviours across all age groups.
  8. Gain a superior level of fitness, in body and in mind. Player welfare obviously is considered based on various measures.
  9. Develop self confidence in individuals and within all teams.
  10. Motivate and stimulate the players to create a healthy team spirit and a deep care and respect for the club.
  11. Provide re-enforcement and re-assurance to players at team meetings, where possible use video sessions and provide written reports and on an individual needs basis.

Provide ongoing staff development programs to ensure they are well trained, well qualified and the best available. 

  • Provide a job description for each coach and staff member; ensure all people know exactly what they have to do and when to do it. 
  • Ensure selections of candidates fits the requirements on and off the field to ensure we have consistency throughout our program.
  • Provide a job description for each coach and staff member; ensure all people know exactly what they have to do and when to do it. 
  • Ensure selections of candidates fits the requirements on and off the field to ensure we have consistency throughout our program.
  • Establish a staff training and development program using any resources available to us, such as Victorian Coaches Association, Institute of Sport, EFL, prominent local businesses etc.
  • Organise a football seminar held at Rowville for participation by all coaches and support staff including those from any local community sporting organisation.
  • Conduct regular staff evaluation and performance review meetings.
  • Provide consistent and ongoing feedback to ensure we are growing and improving all the time.


To provide the highest standard of football administration to coaches and players in terms of leadership, direction, guidance support and welfare. 

  • Understand our role as the ‘leaders of the football department’ in the club where we demand, teach and strive to achieve excellence from players, coaches and football staff.
  • Ensure the philosophies of the club are supported and maintained.
  • Lead by example and be pro-active in the commitment to our important club strategies, such as Coaching, Player and support staff development, Talent identification from junior clubs, Club environment, Junior clubs.
  • Promote the Rowville Football Club as ‘the place to be’, in a positive, attractive and safe football environment.
  • Promote and grow the football department with any resources we feel we need to ensure we achieve team success.
  • Embrace player’s families and friends and make them feel a part of what we are striving to achieve.

To develop and coordinate a uniformed coaching program that includes all sporting organisations within the local community

  • Clearly outline the Rowville football club’s philosophies to any local organisation.
  • Clearly outline the Rowville football club’s philosophies to any local organisation.
  • Assist these clubs to select the best level of coaches available, who can work to a system of developing the players to the Rowville football club style of play.
  • Encourage and ensure that all philosophies, values, techniques, team rules, game plans, disciplines etc., as outlined in this document for the Rowville Football Club players are nurtured and developed in the younger age groups.
  • Oversee at regular intervals the training techniques and coaches’ presentation to these squads. Make anyone from our football department available at all times at any level.
  • Conduct regular coaches meetings for an exchange of information and ideas at all coaching levels within any club that wants to be involved within our community. Make available any materials we have at our disposal to assist them with player development.
  • Provide regular feedback to all clubs of all matters relating to our football development program.
  • Encourage all coached to become members of the AFCA.
  • Be prepared to look across any sport for potential players, network and be prepared to learn and share information with associated clubs.


To ensure all players understand the development program and are aware of their role in it along with the responsibility they have to it. 

All players as Rowville Football Club players need to be aware of the 'role model' factor. With the development program that will be implemented, it is inevitable that junior players will look up to the senior players. 

A player should be expected to observe a basic set of values, such as:

  • Punctuality
  • Appearance
  • Positive Attitude
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Self Respect
  • Team Respect
  • Club Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Enjoyment
  • Trust

To provide a comfortable and caring environment around the club to ensure all players and staff feel happy and connected to the football program. 

  • Embrace all players, staff, family, friends and supporters and welcome them to the club, we want to be recognised as the ‘family club.
  • Get to know all people associated with the club on a first name basis.
  • Utilise the club facilities to encourage players’ families, friends and supporters to be around it and feel connected to it.
  • Encourage people to assist around the club on a voluntary basis.
  • Constantly promote the club by creating a positive environment around the club and stimulate the players with goals and challenges.
  • Establish a basic set of ‘Rowville’ values to be ingrained into the players and football staff – values such as care, commitment, responsibility, respect and loyalty.
  • Ensure the levels of communication to the players is clear, consistent and positive at all times.
  • Be approachable to the players and be confident to approach players at all times.
  • Ensure after match functions are well attended to encourage strength and unity across all age groups. Particular attention is given to senior players supporting junior games and functions.
  • Organise regular club functions for the players as well as regular club functions for their families

From these basic foundations, a tremendous amount of team spirit, passion, and excitement can be generated at the club and local community.


Rowville Football Club respectfully acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we are privileged to meet and play our great game, the Boon Wurrung and Woiwurrung (Wurundjeri) peoples of the Kulin Nation. Rowville Football Club pays respect to elders, past, present and emerging and extends that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Rowville Football Club embraces and encourages diversity, inclusion and respect for everyone and acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are Australia's first peoples.