Men's football

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Round 9 highlights


Round 2

North Ringwood 9.8.62 Defeated Rowville 6.10.46

Backs- Not tight enough when then balls in our defensive half, never locked on around the contest and some easy outs. Robbo’s kicking out has been a success however the players “went to quickly” with our setup. Greeny was really good again in the air and reading the ball coming at him.

Mids- Beaten on the day across the board, fumbled and struggled to hold possession around the middle. To their credit our players worked back better than previous weeks however the damage was done. Our kicks into the forwards were shallow so if turned over it rebounded to the centre. Luke P was the best.

Forwards- We fumbled and went to the contest when not needed. We had no crumbers who could it in lock it in. Gauds started OK but needs more repetitive leads.

Round 1

Rowville 9.9.63 Defeated Noble Park 9.6.60

Backs- worked well with each other and are starting to form a connection. Greeny’s leadership and skills where great and held down CHB. Aza Linton offered us some run and carry so he fits that role. 

Mids- Jay on the wing offered that link up kick from defence. Mitch on the other wing is the best fit now, hard at it and runs both ways. Best game I have seen Haza play for the club, good spring and leap and gave us first use. Ranger again very good. 

Forwards- Gauds first half was very good and swapped in the ruck. Gully as the pressure forward kicked 5 and was in our best couple. Budge was solid, his speed is hard to match up on for the opposition.

We were the best team for 3 quarters but structure again let us down and nearly cost us the game.